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-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Rick Francis, Spark Infrastructure Group - MD and CEO [6] -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Yes thanks Mike, we might just, I'll dive in there. The outages, the main outage that affected something like 185,000 customers right at the end of December last year was caused by a very localized intense storm event. The reality is that those storm events are becoming more prevalent and it is something that we attempt to plan for, exceptionally hard to plan for. We reinforce the networks where appropriate and then on top of that we have the processes in place to try and rectify, rebuild, reconnect as quick as we can, subject to obviously being able to work under safe conditions. All of those matters are put forward through the regulatory process and it is an exercise of demonstrating that it's an efficient allowance that we're putting forward to try and address these events. We are -- South Australia is obviously working under its regulatory proposal for the current period which included an allowance. It was fair to say that that allowance in this particular year was not sufficient. But you do look at these things across the five-year period. There is the possibility of seeking a particular recovery for those additional costs given that they are material. But that is something the business will have to look at in the future. Just your extended question around is this exacerbated if you like through the current structure in the network?